Projects (selection)

Las Toreras (documentary, 100min)

Jackie sets out with her art character Jack Torera to unravel her mother's dark and silenced story and suicide, which shaped her life and art and divided her families in Switzerland and Spain.


The Art Aufience (exhibition)

The artist duplicated on cardboard figures looks at art and the art audience. Cantonale - Kunsthalle Bern


Peace Pills (Performance)

After religion and politics have failed to create world peace, it is time for peace pills like "Forgetters", "Forgivers", "Fanatism Inhibitors" or "Power Reducers".
Corner College Zürich


The Rebel Sperm (theatre)

A rebellious sperm - that wants to become an astronaut - starts a rebellion in the scrotum and questions the whole history of mankind. trailer


The Moustache Princess (theatre)

When an unfortunate pop starlet grows a mustache instead of a child, she becomes more famous than she cares to admit. trailer


The Magic Cut (movie, 13min)

The assistant to an alcoholic magician must take matters into her own hands - including the chainsaw - just before an international TV show.


Menschine (Dokumentarfilm)

The dancers Schitter & Süss dance after a cancellation for support in the open air for their joint project "Menschine" and their artistic future.


Identity Search (Kurzspielfilm)

"Identity Search" is the name of a TV quiz show in which there is a new identity to be won. Rudolf Meier - just released from a psychiatric hospital - is ready for his fortune.


Dig It (Kurzspielfilm)

A woman has to face the painful truth: her jealousy has driven her into madness.


Demon Inside (Kurzspielfilm)

A traveler encounters a demon and his own.

Kotzbrocken (Animationsfilm)

Hussein pukes Bush, Bush pukes Hussein.


The Idolls (Textil/Ausstellung/Performance)

As a questioning of the phenomenon of "instant bands," Jackie has staged a fictitious girl rock band called "The Idolls": empty shells and hyped stardom including record cover and scandal story.


Superba (Textil/Performance)

In Superba, Jackie explores the boundaries between sexism, sexual liberation and emancipation: in tight-fitting stretch dresses, you can slip into life-size pin-up bodies from the 50s, with stereotypical motifs such as sexy housewife, Eve, policewoman, nurse, 1st Prize bust miracle.

This is my Elvis (Textil)

"Let me be your teddy bear". To each his own Elvis to cuddle.


Das Paar (Skluptur, Audio, Licht-Installation)

Sculpture of a 22-year-old Jackie. Audio installation with gibberish, love and argument conversations between a female and male. Jackie studied art in conjunction with anatomy intensively during a gap year in an artist residency.


Pirata (Zeichnung)

Jackie's models and drawings usually looked like this in fashion class: powerful, strong, tough women in sterotypical male roles as a play on and reversal of gender roles. Stockings and corsets with lots of body hair were created. Not to the delight of the instructors.


Der Allesfresser (Objekt)

Maske einer 16-Jährigen. Spiel mit Verzerrung und Überspitzung sind ein wiederkehrendes Element in Jackie's Arbeit.


Bands (current)

The Jackets  (Band since 2008)

The Jackets have been touring successfully throughout Europe, North and South America since 2008 and are known for their wild shows, infectious songs and iconic music videos.


The Sex Organs (Band since 2014)

The intergalactic Sex Organs landed on Earth in 2014 where they immediately became a cult act and created a wave of rock 'n' roll "sexcitement". Just at the right moment to save the ailing sexuality and future of humanity and to set new standards.