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"I tell stories with film, theater, art and music. In my work I often deal with the topic of happiness in life in the broadest sense. What happiness do people strive for? How do tradition, destiny, society, media or advertising influence our happiness in life? A stroke of fate at the beginning of my life sharpened my view on life, happiness and society and gave my work a direction."

current projects

Las Toreras (documentary)

In production

The Jackets (band)

Garageband since 2008

The Sex Organs ( band)

Garageband since 2014

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"Las Toreras" goes "First Look"

"Las Toreras" (in progress) is one of six Swiss movies selected for the "First Look" competition (Locarno Film Festival Pro).

new The Jackets video

"Steam Queen" vom Album "Queen Of The Pill" (2019)
Concept and editing: Jackie Brutsche