Swiss-Spanish artist Jackie Brutsche (aka Jack Torera) grew up in Zurich and lives in Bern since 2006. She works cross-disciplinarily as a filmmaker, artist, designer, performer and musician. In 2001 she graduated from the Zurich University of the Arts with a degree in fashion design in 2001 and in film directing in 2006. She produces her own films, theater pieces, art and music projects in which she deals with the topic of happiness in life in the broadest sense and in various forms. As a singer, guitarist and songwriter, she has been playing in several bands since 2000 and has successfully released recordings and music videos. In addition to her own projects, she is frequently involved in film and theater productions as performer, musician and filmmaker.

She is currently working on her documentary film about her mother with the working title "Las Toreras" (RECYCLED TV, RECK Filmproduktion Zurich).