MENSCHINE | documentary | 30min

This documentary accompanies the two dance partners Sutter Sabina and Renata Schiess (Schlitter & Süess) during their rehearsals and performances of their extraordinary dance project. After a failed attempt to find public money for a dance production, they develop a dance experiment in public space with the theme "Man and Machine". For two months, they work every week a new short dance piece and they present it on a bridge in the middle of Zurich. 8 weeks - 8 pieces of dance - to find a way to continue their joint work and a future.


Sabina Sutter + Renata Schiess
(schitter & suess

Peter Bräker, Martin Wigger, Dimitri De Perot

Patrick Hari

Jackie Brutsche: director, camera, original sound, film editing, animations
Jenny Billeter: 2nd camera
Illien Dütschler: graphic design
Gregg Skerman: sound mix
Gian Courtin: technical support
Verena Gloor: production manager

© University of Art & Design Zurich